About Diala company :

Diala Company for Food Industries was founded in 1960.
Under the supervision of its founder, industrial Fawzi al-Haj Shibani & Sons and its main office and lab market Al-Buzuriyah Souq object in the Mezze area behind the Al-Razi Hospital and distribution centers in the regions of smoke and Jaramana.
Diala Company for Food Industries is one of the leading companies of the Syrian Arab Republic and Temtemd now on industrial land in the city of Damascus and its countryside.
Contain areas to absorb and store raw materials as well as production halls and stores Alentjh materials and ready-made parts for the shipping, loading and administration offices
Since Inception Diala Company for Food Industries Daipt to follow the update policy in the systems and machinery manufacturing to maintain the global generosity and production standards have, therefore, Diala Company for Food Industries owns all health Alhhdat legal and licensing as well as it is registered in the industrial register -3- CR 1476- Republic Syrian Arab Republic.
And the grace of God, and flexible management accompanying efforts developments and sincerity to work for employees in Diyala factories, Diala Company for Food Industries has been able to enter the global markets, and reached our products to the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Europe.
Also it contributed to and participated in all sessions of the Damascus International Fair and participated in several local and international food shows and got a Hhdat estimate the effective participation in several local and regional festivals.
Diala factories are in the food industry production and canning all materials manufacturer and include the following:
Mixture processing process and that is the introduction of various raw materials either dry or liquid.
Mixing and homogenization of the components with each other in addition to sterilization operations.
Packing cold and hot packing .
Packaging products in appropriate containers, whether plastic or metal or paper.
Packaging on all sizes of the average consumer level and the level of even large quantities.
That our laboratories equipped with the best and latest control devices, according to international requirements and to ensure that the standards of products to customers and standards are the best at the international level, including product, content, packaging, balance, and permanence sizes and specifications.

Experiences Diala Company for Food Industries and rooted for more than fifty years in the improvement and development in the field of manufacturing and the production of food, which we can qualify us for expansion and rapid response to all tastes and even predict the productivity of lines to meet the desire of customers.